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I.B. Standard Level


Secure Access Now Available
You can now access all MathsNet sites using the HTTPS/SSL protocol.

To do this, just change the http:// part of the web address to https://. This will stop any warning messages about insecure log ons that you may see in the latest web browsers.

Later on we will be forcing all connections to use the HTTPS/SSL protocol.

Study Online

Study I.B. Standard Level online. There are currently 2,728 pages of content ranging from illustrations and explanations to 1,224 fully worked exam questions and 441 o-tests (on-line assessments). Almost every page is interactive offering you much more than simply an online text book.

Assessment Content

O-tests (Online Tests) arranged in levels as follows:


View a complete map of the syllabus
Print out exam papers based on past exam papers.

Online Help

There is extensive online help available for assisting with subjects such as:

  • handling your account(s) - for schools how to set up and use separate teacher and student personal accounts;
  • setting up student classes and accounts, including importing data from external sources;
  • assessment from both the student's and teacher's perpective (including, for teachers, how to create and allocate student tasks);
  • using the forum and conferencing facilities;
  • how to use o-test progress charts;
  • how teachers can monitor the progress of their students;
  • setting up and printing exam papers (including how to handle common printing problems).

To access the online help click or touch the ? button near the top-right of the page. This button will appear with a green background when there is help available directly related to the page currently displayed.

How exam papers are marked
Get advice from examiners and some tips on improving your exam technique - particularly how to avoid zero marks!
Read brief biographies of famous Mathematicians who were instrumental in creating advanced mathematics.
Interactive glossary
Check the meaning of words and phrases used throughout your course. A relevant glossary also appears on each page.